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Installation with Object and Sound

On the desk of my studio, I painted athought map. The paradox: a table or a map. The fundamental state of my work. The projects themselves still have not decided whether they are paintings or sculptures; if it is aplatform or an object. And every once in a while, the hands on clocks appear,  and tick on them. wooden beams, spray paint, acrylic, the spraying of plaster

and concrete, filing, painting, screwing, gluing, cutting. I would like to find aplace at the fine line between abstract sculpture and painting. I am interested in asking about the category of my works: to create a moment that is

confused, different, strange and unclear.


In the background, one can hear people talking, and routine noises. The sound is made from a series of voice recordings that I recorded throughout the last year. Each recording is about a minute long. The recordings document pieces of my daily routine - each one in its own way. Background noise from the bustling jaffa St., which I recorded on the way back from work - alongside my vocal description of the day's events, while I sip mint tea in my apartment. 

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