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Noga was born in 1996 in the city of Hadera in Israel, where she grew up with her family. Her great grandfather immigrated from Europe to Hadera. Less than four born and raised "in religious education - Beit Yaakov" And now am Jerusalem artist. Noga, an installation artist, enters into the installation various mediums - photography, sculpture and painting, all with reference and sensitivity to space and space in relation to a person. In 2014, when she was eighteen, she moved to Jerusalem to study art, at the Bezalel Artisan-Artistic School of Art after a four-year degree.


The space of the room in relation to a person fascinates Noga and is the central theme of her work. In various ways - her works come mainly in the medium - sculpture, plumbing and photography, the materials most often come from the construction world - concrete, gypsum, wood-PVC, recycled materials. During the following degree, she was assistant to various artists - from the field of sculpture: Taught as part of various projects two-dimensional art and photography. In 2018, after finishing art studies, Noga went on to study interior design in the Technion's continuing studies. In 2019 she was the director of Saraf Gallery and created a line of olive and epoxy watches. Today Noga creates in her studio, as an artist and thirsty creator and participates in various projects.

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